Merry Christmas 2018 - John Young

A climb up Mt. Arrowsmith to start the year off right!

Where's our bridge?

Heavy rain in January dislodged "my" footbridge across nearby Cottle Creek (you can see one end of the plank still tethered to the tree). 

Nicaragua - Jan. 30 - Feb. 23

We travelled through Nicaragua for about 3 weeks with our friends David and Evelyn, and enjoyed this country and its wonderful people immensely. 

I visited my brother Ron in Texas en route home

Sunset on Ron's ranch, Feb. 24th

Louise Griffith (Mom) 1925-2018

I had not been home a week before Mom was hospitalized with pneumonia and passed away March 4th. She was an amazing woman and I hope I don't let her down. We sure miss her. 

I did, of course, get out photographing while I was there. Saskatoon is sure a beautiful city!

Halifax and Charlottetown - March 28 - April 5

We visited my son Jan and his family in Halifax before going to Charlottetown

We had family outings to the Sugar Moon Farm and the Tidal Bore.

Click here to see my blog of our Nova Scotia/PEI trip. 

Hikes -- April - Sept.

All on Vancouver Island, from East Sooke Park at the south, to Flores Island and Nootka Island farther north. 

In June I gave a presentation at The Around Town Tellers  about one of my many misadventures. Here's the link to the video.

Like Night and Day

We enjoyed time with friends and family, too:

With Susann's family at her sister Christin's graduation ceremony, from the UBC Psychiatry program. June 9

With Judy in Port Renfrew at the end of June.

We travelled to Saskatoon in July, and as well as visiting friends and family, I went on a canoe trip with Ron, his son Rett, and our friend Neil.

On the Churchill River

With friends and family in Saskaoon

With Christa at our cabin in August.

With Emmelin (Susann's niece) at our cabin in August

With friends Neil and Eldeen, who visited from Saskatoon in September

Just so that you don't think my summer was all fun and games, we had a big project at our cabin. We were originally just going to replace the cedar decking,  but once we started to remove it, we realized the beam (10" x 14") was rotten. I didn't want to do it myself, but couldn't get anyone to take the job. 

Our friend Steve removed the old beam for us.

Yup, the old beam was a little rotten, don't you think?

So, with Susann's help, I mixed concrete and put in new footings, posts, and a beam.

A lot of work, but it sure looks good!

In late September, Susann and I RV'd down the west coast as far as the Redwood Forest in northern California, before going inland and back up through central Oregon. 

Beautiful parks on the Oregon Coast

And we were awe-struck by the Redwood Forest and wildlife

On the way home we camped at Silver Falls State Park, arguably the gem of Oregon's parks. I loved the "Trail of Ten Falls."

We were home for a spell before going to Mexico for 3 weeks. We started off with a week in Huatulco, on the south Pacific Coast. (Collage by Susann.)

Then six days in Puerto Escondido

Next, a week in Oaxaca in central Mexico.

Oaxaca was my favourite place, especially because of the frequent parades.

Lastly, we went to Mexico City for 3 days - it deserves much more time than that! There's Paseo de la Reforma, with all its statues:

El Zocalo - all done up for Navidad!

El Catedral

And, el Metro, a cheap (about 35 cents!), efficient, safe way to travel

We were home for about 5 days when a storm hit, with winds over 100 k/h. Our power was out for 54 hours. Luckily, though, our gas fireplace worked, and I could use up some of my partially full gas canisters. (You don't want to take a half-full canister backpacking, so you end up with a multitude of not-quite empty ones.) We didn't lose any food, either, because our friends Tim and Joanne let us store our frozen food in their spare freezer. It also gave us a good chance to clean out the fridge and freezer.

Just like camping!

Chica: "I think electricity is highly over-rated."

To finish off my blog for this year, here are a selection of photos from nearby Milner Gardens.

Merry Christmas and all the best in 2019!


John and Susann